Urban planners know the vital role that public transportation plays in good city-building and in environmental sustainability. 

Did you know that one of America's greatest conservationists, President Theodore Roosevelt, was a passionate believer in rapid transit and signed the "Rapid Transit Bill" in 1889 when he was governor of New York?

The Cleveland National Forest Foundation quickly learned the wisdom in President Roosevelt's foundational work in city building. We cannot preserve our wilderness lands from sprawl unless we turn our attention to the real cause of environmental degradation: dysfunctional cities.

We must save our cities in order to save our forest.

This is why the CNFF promotes sustainable city building through transit based communities. Our work and research has culminated in the 50-10 Transit Plan in answer to SANDAG's 2050 Regional Transportation Plan, which fails to meet the needs of future, environmentally friendly growth for the San Diego region.



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Sharon Penny


Communications Director at SDSU; writer, photographer