Many quality of life issues from jobs, housing, and the economy to water and air quality are intrinsically linked to transit. Overwhelming evidence demonstrates that moving from sprawl development and highway-based infrastructure to urban infill development and transit-based infrastructure would be an efficient and effective way to address regional crises and improve regional quality of life.


This graphic illustrates mixed-use and multi-family zoning which parallels El Cajon Blvd, University Ave and 30th St. The transformation of this zoning into a vibrant business, residential and walkable community could easily be actualized by state of the art transit connecting North Park to the rest of urban San Diego. This is the anatomy of what is missing in San Diego planning. More autos would make North Park intolerable and yet we continue building freeways instead of investing in transit which would make our urban areas walkable, bikeable and livable.

The benefits of transit are greatest when transit infrastructure is linked to urban infill development.  The current potential for infill development in San Diego is overwhelming, because many areas within the urban core already have zoning and land use specifications that would immediately allow for denser land uses.


Photo of light rail system in Bordeaux, this city transformation was completed in 6 years in the urban core. Imagine this on University Avenue!

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