Comment Letter on SANDAG's 2021 Regional Transportation Plan

In May 2020, Save Our Forest and Ranchlands (“SOFAR”) and the Cleveland National Forest Foundation (“CNFF”) submitted a joint comment letter for the draft transportation network scenarios for the 2021 Regional Transportation Plan Update.

The purpose of this letter is to urge the SANDAG Board of Directors to begin the RTP update dialogue with a Climate, Housing, Transit Alternative ("CHTA") in the 2021 RTP that is focused on meeting the housing and greenhouse gas (“GHG”) reduction goals that have been set collectively by the state of California, the City of San Diego, and SANDAG:

  • 40% reduction in GHG below 1990 levels by 2030 (California AB 32 and SB 32)
  • 80% reduction in GHG below 1990 levels by 2050 (Governors Schwarzenegger and Brown)
  • 25% reduction in per capita GHG from passenger cars and trucks relative to 2005 by 2035 (California SB 375; California Air Resources Control Board)
  • 14.3% reduction in total daily VMT per capita, and 16.8% reduction in total light-duty VMT per
    capita, relative to 2015-2018 average by 2050 (California Air Resources Board)
  • 50% transit, walk and bike mode share for commuters within 1⁄2 mile of a major transit stop inCity of San Diego by 2035 (Climate Action Plan, City of San Diego)
  • 150% increase in transit mode share (SANDAG’s Urban Area Transit Study)
  • Adequately plan to meet the housing needs of everyone in the community (California)

Read the comment letter here: Comment Letter on SANDAG's 2021 Regional Transportation Plan