Help the Forest: Email County Supervisors and Attend Wednesday's Meeting

Help the Forest: Email Comments to Supervisors and Attend the Meeting Wednesday!

Forest friends:

It’s rare that we reach out to you two weeks in a row, but we need your help to protect the Cleveland National Forest!

The County Board of Supervisors will meet THIS Wednesday, June 25, to set guidelines which will determine the fate of the forest.

Last week, we contacted you with information about the Forest Conservation Initiative (FC), which was overwhelmingly approved by voters in 1992 to establish 20 uninterrupted years of forest protection. It was widely supported by the public, local governments, and high profile individuals, and has fulfilled its purpose of protecting the health and stability of the forest.

However, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors will meet THIS Wednesday, June 25, 9:00 a.m., at the County Administration Center, 1600 Pacific Highway, Room 310, San Diego, CA to consider plans to replace these longstanding protections, and we need your help.

The FCI is the first item for discussion. Click HERE for a PDF of the agenda and HERE for the Staff Report.

The Cleveland National Forest Foundation has strongly urged the San Diego County Planning Commission, and now the Board of Supervisors, to consider the environmental and legal concerns of removing FCI protections. There is an excellent piece posted at Voice of San Diego today by renowned climate change expert Dr. Michael Soulé, also urging the County to re-adopt the FCI. Please share this piece and the opportunity to help with your friends!

If you would like to help, please plan to come speak at Wednesday’s meeting!

Letters of support for the Forest Conservation Initiative can also be sent via email to the Supervisors and Board Clerk.

Feel free to use this draft language, and adapt it to discuss why preserving the Cleveland National Forest is important to you:

Dear Supervisors:

San Diego proudly protected its forest by a resounding vote of the people when it passed the Forest Conservation Initiative in 1992. Land within the Cleveland National Forest should remain protected.

Since the FCI was adopted, the San Diego region has experienced the impacts of devastating wildfires, and we are only now beginning to understand the impacts of climate change to our local water supply and fire conditions.

If the forest is not protected by a re-adoption of the protections as they were implemented by the Forest Conservation Initiative, San Diego’s growing population WILL sprawl into newly developed lands within the forest boundary. The increased fire danger, diminishing water supply, and impacts to habitat will endanger human life and wildlife. This is unacceptable.

I urge you to direct staff to include all the protections initially embodied in the Forest Conservation Initiative at your June 25 meeting by including the standards set by the FCI in the EIR for the General Plan Amendment.


Emails can be directed to the following addresses:;;;;;

Please send your emails as soon as possible for consideration by the Board, and feel free to copy me on your comments at for CNFF’s records.

Feel free to email this to friends. You can also share this link via email, Twitter, or Facebook.

For the future,
Duncan McFetridge
Cleveland National Forest Foundation
Po Box 779
Descanso, California 91916

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  • Anonymous
    commented 2017-07-20 06:34:18 -0700
    One of my friend recommended this blog site to me. I love reading blogs., honestly speaking l love this blog post very much. This is simple but very interesting and worth reading. Thank you so much for sharing this here. Make your blog more active with updating new contents. and in last i want to say that please forest i is our responsibility to save our nature by taking care of it so please attend the meeting and learn how can you play your role in this ..
  • Paul Friedl
    commented 2014-12-06 10:25:47 -0800
    I read an article in the 12/6/2014 Union Tribune, “SANDAG will appeal setback to high court”, and would like to do more than comment on this situation reported in the article. I have been working on mitigating military traffic since 2008. I developed a strategy called “Remote Front Gate (RFG)” which would eliminate up to 95% of military traffic in the San Diego area, and thereby greatly reduce vehicle exhaust emissions. A link to a Power Point presentation on DropBox follows:

    I totally agree with the Cleveland National Forest Foundation’s position on accusing SANDAG of gross negligence in its plans for the future of the San Diego area. I submitted the RFG strategy to Todd Gloria (SANDAG-Transportation) last year, and he passed it on to other SANDAG personnel. They phoned back once and implied that they preferred a more lenient approach to military traffic mitigation based upon making available busses for optional use by military commuters; this despite the complete failure of a previous SANDAG plan called “The Murph Express” which attracted only 1% of military commuters even though the plan made express door-to-door service available! Optional participation will NOT WORK!

    If you view the RFG Power Point slide presentation, you will see how RFG would answer this problem.

    During the past 6 years I have discovered that neither SANDAG nor the city of San Diego have included the US Navy in their active planning. To be sure, they have usually invited the Navy to send a representative to listen in, but I have found that hardly any plans seem to be developed cooperatively, in spite of the fact that the US Navy is the largest employer in San Diego!

    RFG is a strategy that calls for close involvement between SANDAG and the US Navy! Perhaps it takes a law suit to get SANDAG and city governments working on a common set of problems dealing with our environment. RFG would ELIMINATE up to 95% of military traffic!! Why can’t SANDAG and city planners talk with the Admiral in charge of Navy Southwest Region?? The time for the Navy to at least make an RFG trial effort is NOW! Come on SANDAG, help the Navy do an RFG trial, and stop merely adding concrete to our roads. If RFG works as planned, traffic would be greatly reduced, as would the need for adding so many new highway lanes.

    Paul Friedl
    Retiree living in Coronado